New Philippine Lawyers in 2011 Philippine Bar Exam Results

New lawyers of the Philippines are known today. In few minutes, the Supreme Court will issue the copy of the 2012 Philippine Bar Exam Result. The names below are those who took the exam in UST Manila in 2011. We will know if they pass in few minutes. To be the first to know, please LIKE and Recommend this post on you Facebook status, and we will update this result in an hour or two. Watch out for the 2012 philippine bar exam.

2146. DOMINGO, Mar Louie R.
2147. DOMINGO, Maria Theresa M.
2148. DOMINGO, Mary Emilene T.
2149. DOMINGO, Myrna C.
2150. DOMINGO, Sarah A.
2151. DOMINGUEZ, Katrina Paula A.
2152. DOMINO, Melanie M.
2153. DOMONDON, JR., Briccio Cesar B.
2154. DONATO, Annabelle D.
2155. DONATO, Lancer Francis Eugene
2156. DONATO, Lionell L.
2157. DONATO, Mary Rose Grace S.
2158. DONATO, III, Marcian Francisco
2159. DONES, Jenny Anne T.
2160. DONGLA, Joecle R.
2161. DONGUINES, Ariel J.
2162. DOOC, Ma. Socorro E.
2163. DORENDEZ, Edwin S.
2164. DORIA, Jonard M.
2165. DORIA, Josephine S.
2166. DORIA, JR., David A.
2167. DOROTAN, Dennis G.
2168. DOSDOS, Paul C.
2169. DOUT, Rosalie J.
2170. DOYAOEN, Maria Victoria P.
2171. DRIO, Erwin T.
2172. DU, General D.
2173. DUAD, Trinidad Suryin C.
2174. DUCEPEC, Dianne Caroline V.
2175. DUCOL, Sowaida P.
2176. DUEÑAS, Neil Hector T.
2177. DUEÑAS, Renando P.
2178. DUGAY, Miles Lindsey L.
2179. DUGEÑA, JR., David D.
2180. DUHAYLONGSOD, Jose Maria B.
2181. DUHILAG, Nestor C.
2182. DULANAS, Jerjohn L.
2183. DULAY, Famela R.
2184. DULAY, Maryjoyce S.
2185. DULAY, Sandra Mae T.
2186. DULFO, Charlotte Cristine M.
2187. DULIN, Maria Anastacia N.
2188. DULLA, Britt Anne Rahner T.
2189. DULLIN, Miadelle L.
2190. DUMADAG, Dindo Armand B.
2191. DUMALAN, Mark Anthony P.
2192. DUMALLEG, Germa P.
2193. DUMAMA, Jamayel G.
2194. DUMAN, Paulyn May P.
2195. DUMAOG, Ric Vincent M.
2196. DUMARPA, Faydah M.
2197. DUMAS, Junrie T.
2198. DUMAUAL, Michael Edward G.
2199. DUMAYA, Anna Liza V.
2200. DUMAYAS, Glenn G.
2201. DUMDUM, Brine R.
2202. DUMLAO, Lourdes Philina B.
2203. DUMLAO, Michael R.


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