Netherlands Dutch Can Be Hit by Nuclear Radiation

The nuclear radiation leak in Japan is no small problem. It’s a world crisis that radioactive cloud can travel and hit Netherlands and reach other European countries. The Dutch Government must ensure that its atmosphere is well-monitored for any presence of radioactive materials. Nuclear radiation can travel by air or water.

Every nation of the world must do something to help Japan to fix the nuclear radiation leak. If this cannot be solved, trillions of radioactive materials will pollute the planet. Here’s the latest news from BBC.

Levels of radioactive iodine in the sea near the Fukushima nuclear plant are eight times higher than a week ago.

Although officials say the radiation will no longer be a risk after eight days, it is a cause for concern because the origin of the leak is unclear.

There are areas of radioactive water in four of the reactors at the plant, and two workers are in hospital.

The plant’s operator says the core of one of the six reactor may have been damaged.

It has announced that fresh water rather than sea water will now be used to cool the damaged reactors, in the hope that this will be more effective.

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