Negotiating with Iran on Nuclear Issue

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister said upcoming negotiations between group 5+1 and Iran should not turn into an excuse for blaming and accusing others.

Sergey Ryabkov, in an interview with Interfax News Agency on Tuesday, underlined the necessity of continuation of negotiations between Iran and Group 5+1.

He said considering lack of confidence between the two sides, they should not accuse or blame each other, because it will bring negotiations to an impasse and make it useless.

In any case, negotiations should not be subject to an indefinite time or unknown framework of time and make the situation worse, because such a situation could be a diplomatic fiasco.

Concerning west sanctions against Iran, Ryabkov said Russia is worried about unilateral sanctions package of the US and the European Union against Iran, because such actions will create obstacles in the way of Moscow-Tehran trade relations development.

He also rejected military option to solve Iran problem and said military threats against Iran are not acceptable.

Russian senior diplomats said certain officials of some countries do not believe in any kind of agreement with Iran; these people have no contact with Iran.

He added Group 5+1 can reach an agreement with Iran upon accepted principles, so talking about possibility of using force against Iran is unacceptable.

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