Names of Filipino Voters in Iloilo, Philippines

The Commission on Election municipal and city offices have started posting names of registered voters in preparation for the Election Registration Board hearing set Nov. 19.

Atty. Ryan Castro of the Comelec Regional Office 6 said that with the end of the voters registration last Oct.31, the Comelec field offices are now busily reviewing and posting the names of voters who applied for registration.

The posting is being intended for the public to see the names of the voters who have applied for registration and be able to contest it if ever.

“Those who have opposition to the voters registration are being given time to file their petition before the ERB starts the hearing,” Castro contended.

The ERB hearing that is set on Nov. 19 will be simultaneously done throughout the region with the Municipal/City Election Officer sitting as chairman and the Municipal/City Local Civil Registrar and Department of Education highest official in the locality as members.

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