Municipal Treasurer Charged for Check Falsification

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Municipal treasurer indicted for falsification over check anomaly

The Office of the Ombudsman has affirmed the indictment for Falsification of Public Documents against Cabiao, Nueva Ecija municipal treasurer Josephine Caingat for making it appear that a certain Melanie Mina had received and endorsed a check worth P200,000.00 and that the latter had authorized her to encash the same.

Investigation showed that the signatures appearing on the dorsal portion of one of the checks issued to pay for the purchase of a property owned by Mina was considerably dissimilar to her actual signature as shown in her complaint-affidavit, tax identification number and postal IDs. Further, the GSIS and local government unit IDs used to endorse the check actually belonged to Caingat.

The Resolution stated that “only Caingat could have received and endorsed the check for P200,000” and that she “failed to prove that she was authorized to endorse it on complainant Mina’s behalf”. Caingat also made no effort to explain how and why her government IDs turned up in facilitating the anomalous transaction.

“Such omission further indicates her wrongful intent to misrepresent and conceal an irregular, if not anomalous, transaction” stated the Resolution.

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