Mosquito-bite disease which affects women and children

The month of November highlights many health issues which are the concerns not only of the government, the Department of Health, the local government units but all the sectors in the community as a whole.

Among others, November is the Filariasis Awareness Month. This is to focus the attention of the public on the elimination of the mosquito-bite disease which affects women and children in the remote areas of the 39 identified provinces of the country.

November has also been declared as the Cancer Pain Management Awareness Month. It is dedicated to building the understanding and support that can help people with pain lead better lives.

This partnership strives to create greater understanding among health care providers, pain patients and families who are struggling with pain management, the business community, legislators, and the general public that pain is a serious public health issue.

The month of November is also the Traditional and Alternative Health Care Month in order to heighten awareness to Republic Act 8423 otherwise known as the Traditional and Alternative Medicine Act, which declared that it is the policy of the State to improve the quality and delivery of health care services to the Filipino people through the development of traditional and alternative health care and its integration into the national health care delivery system.

November also brings to focus the Campaign on Violence Against Women and Children. This will highlight the Law against Violence against Women and their Children that recognizes domestic violence as a distinct crime, broadens the definition of “violence” and prescribes remedies previously out of reach of battered women and abused children.

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