Monitor parliamentary elections in Ukraine

A 7 by 5 meter ‘video panel’, the largest in Ukraine, has been installed at the country’s situation analysis and response center set up ahead of the October 28 parliamentary elections in Ukraine. It is made up of 42 smaller screens each of which will be able to show pictures from any polling station on the day of voting.

Katarina Chalka, the general director of the SITRONICS IT Company, said that it had taken two months to create the unique system covering 32,200 polling stations. Under Ukraine’s law on provision of open, transparent and democratic elections of people’s deputies of Ukraine on October 28, 2012, “this system is designed to increase trust in elections, make the election process more public and open and provide public access to vote monitoring in real time,” Chalka said. She added that for the first time Ukraine had used K-band satellite communication systems to transmit data from polling stations to the situation analysis and response center.

Irina Lavnina, a representative of the SITRONICS IT Company, told Itar-Tass that low-resolution pictures would be transmitted via mobile channels while pictures with higher resolution received from web cameras installed at polling stations will be provided with the help of a video archive at the Data Processing Center. It has a capacity of 2.8 petabytes which is equivalent to almost 20 billion photographs of Facebook users.

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