Money Spending of British Military

British lawmakers on Tuesday branded the country’s military spending as wasteful, out of control, and “entirely unacceptable.”
A group of members of Parliament (MPs) delivered their critical verdict on the performance of officials at the Ministry of Defense (MOD), which oversees Britain’s military activity, spending, strategy, and future weapons system developments.
They were especially critical of the contract to build two new, large aircraft carriers for the navy. The carriers, at 65,000 tonnes the largest ships yet built for the navy, were to replace a fleet of three smaller aircraft carriers, but the money to build them did not exist, according to the MPs.
They added that not only did the money not exist, no money was found later on to pay for the carriers’ construction.
The MPs’ report from the Public Accounts Committee said: “In 2008 the department signed a contract to buy new aircraft carriers which was unaffordable, without having identified compensating savings. Because these savings were not subsequently found, it was necessary within a year to delay the project, resulting in an enormous cost increase and poor value for money.”

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