Mississippi Dog Scandal – Terry Tehnet vs Jerry Blasingame

Why people can just talk rather than engage in a deadly shootout? Two neighbors in America were keen to kill each other amidst conflict over a dog’s shit found in another’s house premises. Here’s the news.

Two neighbours in the US state of Mississippi drew weapons and fired at each other as an argument over a defecating dog ran out of control.

Associated Press news agency said Jerry Blasingame, 60, has been charged with assault for shooting Terry Tehnet, 52, with a shotgun.
Mr Tehnet was angry because he thought Mr Blasingame’s dog had defecated on his lawn, in a rural part of the state.

Mr Tehnet, whose injuries are not life-threatening, may also be charged.
The two men gave AP different versions of what happened. – BBC

2 thoughts on “Mississippi Dog Scandal – Terry Tehnet vs Jerry Blasingame

  • 2011-05-14 at 5:03 pm

    this is not in the sheriffs dept. any longer, now its in the district attorneys hands. EVERYONE that has had a problem with Tehnet needs to speak up. A man is dead!

  • 2011-03-27 at 3:56 am

    I was witness to this argument. Tehnet shot our dog and has shot and killed other dogs in the neighborhood. He has threatend numerous neighbors with a weapon for going a litter fast on our road including the guy who delivers the paper. He shot at my husband and he shot back or he would be dead now. My husband was arrested and this man is still scott free. This was not over dog shot!!! You need to get your facts straight.

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