Measure the fuel efficiency of vehicles

The government will introduce a new system to measure the fuel efficiency of vehicles next year, hoping to encourage automakers to develop more efficient models, officials said Tuesday.

Under the new system, all existing and new vehicles to be tested must have an accumulated mileage of over 3,000 kilometers, to ensure they do not yield high efficiency rates only in mint condition, according to the Ministry of Knowledge Economy.

They will also be tested under five different modes that include high-speed driving, operation in extremely cold temperatures and driving with air conditioning operating. The current measuring system, CVS-75, only tests “new” cars with an accumulated mileage of less than 160 kilometers. The system measures the fuel efficiency of cars traveling only 17.85 kilometers at an average speed of 34.1 kilometers, thus leaving a “large discrepancy” with the actual fuel economy of the vehicle.

“Testing under the five different conditions will reduce the (measured) fuel efficiency of cars by an average 20 percent from the current level,” the ministry said in a press release.

In addition to the average fuel economy of vehicles, manufacturers will be required to provide the fuel efficiency of cars in high-speed and city-driving modes.

The new testing program and labeling system will also be applied to all imported vehicles, the ministry said.

The ministry is also raising its minimum requirements for first-rate fuel economy cars from the current 15 kilometers per liter to 16 kilometers per liter, which, together with the new testing program, will dramatically reduce the ratio of first-rate fuel economy cars from the current 30 percent to 7.1 percent.

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