Market Trend – Price of Japanese Eggs Soar High

Wholesale egg prices in Tokyo surged to a six-year high on Friday due to the impact of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami.    The wholesale price of middle-sized eggs rose 10 yen from the previous day to 250 yen per kilogram, according to Japan’s largest egg distributor, Zen-Noh Tamago Co.

The price has risen by 65 yen since March 11.   Total egg production in the Tohoku northern region and the northern part of the Kanto eastern region, both of which were hit hard by the disaster, accounts for about 20 pct of overall output in Japan.   Egg supplies have been decreasing because of transport disruption, while production has dropped due to falls in poultry feed supplies to egg producers since feed plants were hit by the disaster.

Wholesale prices in other areas are also rising, because egg dealers in the Tokyo Metropolitan area have increased supplies from western Japan. Since the quake, prices have risen by 45 yen in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, central Japan, and 35 yen in both Osaka, western Japan, and Fukuoka, southern Japan.

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