Maritime Industry in the Philippines

Maritime group vows to create more strategic research to beef up PHL maritime industries

MANILA, March 24 (PNA) — The Movement Maritime Philippines (MMP) has vowed to conduct strategic research as part of its effort to expand and create awareness on the country’s maritime sectors.

“Even a policy in adopting regulation requires some studies. You just don’t do it (formulate policy) because it is in the Convention or somebody tells you,” MMP president Brenda Pimentel said.

“It should be based on some available data and what is really the requirement of the Convention,” she added.

Pimentel is the former regional coordinator for East Asia of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and a ranking official of the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA).

“We’re not saying that those (policies and regulations) were not studied, but we’ll have stronger regulations if these are based on real information and data and that’s what we lack,” she added.

To back up her claim, the MMP president said the government does not have up-to-date figures as to how many need cadetship berths; or in the deployment of sea-based workers, how many seafarers go out of the country every year.

“We may be very strong in the seafaring sector and the data may be available but we don’t know where to get them,” she added.

“Even if there are available data, they are just lying there — no analysis, no assessment and evaluation. What is it that we can do out of this information, perhaps we can still do something else,” Pimentel said. (PNA)

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