Marib Gas Power Plant Project

An Indian company won a bid of implementing the 2nd phase of the Marib Gas Power Plant Project with a cost of 434.6 million dollars, a source said on Monday.

Director General of the projects unit in the station Yahya Salam said that the Indian company was among seven international companies, including Korean and Saudi companies.

Salam said a final contract would be signed with the Indian company next February and the implementation will begin in the spring of this year.

He added that funding would be offered by the Saudi Fund for Development, the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development, the Omani government and the Yemeni government.

The 1st phase of the Marib Gas Power Plant Project was launched in 2009 at a capacity of 260 megawatts.

The Ministry of Electricity has a program to increase power generation capacity over the next ten years and there will be a need for new power plants transmission and distribution systems.

In 2002, Yemen’s oil-fired power plants generated 3.1 billion kilowatthours of electricity. According to Yemen’s Public Corporation for Electricity (PCE), the country’s generating capacity (810 MW) and electricity distribution network is inadequate.

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