Manny Pacquiao Best Boxer in the Planet

By Michael Hurley

As Manny Pacquiao danced around the ring at Cowboys Stadium on Saturday night, putting the finishing touches on Antonio Margarito, it was fairly evident that he was the best fighter on the planet.

Despite all the talk about the horrible training camp, about Margarito’s hand wraps and about all the distractions in Pacquiao’s life outside the ring, the Filipino had little problem winning his seventh world title.

Immediately, the reaction of every boxing fan and analyst in the world was that a bout with Floyd Mayweather Jr. is all Pacquiao needs to cement his legacy as the best boxer on the planet and one of the best to ever live.

That is simply not true.

Watching Pacquiao withstand a barrage of punches from the larger Margarito, only to explode with a flurry of his own, it was clear that Pacquiao needs no one to ensure his greatness. There were times when it seemed like Pacquiao would put himself in the corner or up against the ropes simply to work himself out, as if this giant spectactle in front of tens of thousands in attendance and millions watching on television was not much more than a training session.

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