Mango Export from the Philippines

A shortage of mango supply is still one of the challenges in growing the mango industry of the Philippines, an exporter of dried mangoes and other processed fruits said.

Justin Uy, president and chief executive officer of Profood International Corp., said there is still a big underserved market abroad for processed food like dried mangoes.

However, a shortage of mango supply in the country keeps the business from serving the global demand, he added.

”We are known to be the ‘dried mango king of the world’ but we don’t have enough to sell,” Uy said.

Aside from praying for good weather, he said, they are hoping for an improvement in the supply.

Profood sources its mangoes from the northern part of Luzon as well s parts of Mindanao.

The company maintains four factories spread across the country for farmers to easily transport and sell their fruit harvests.

However, Uy noted that farmers don’t have enough financial resources to venture into mango production.

“This shortage of mango supply badly needs government intervention,” Uy said.

Profood is the leading producer and exporter of various dried fruit preserves, purees, concentrates, and juices in the country.

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