Malaysian Women Rank 16th Most Stressed Women in the World

Malaysian women rank 16th most stressed women in the world, according to a recent study on the stress levels which women worldwide are subjected to.

Indian women rank as the world’s most stressed women, says the study, prepared by the information and media company, Nielsen.

The study shows that women in India live and work under considerable time pressure.

Indian women are the most stressed (87 per cent), the study shows, closely followed by Mexican (74 per cent) and Russian women (69 per cent). In the developed countries, the stress level is the highest for women in Spain (66 per cent), France (65 per cent) and Italy (64 per cent).

Malaysian women (44 per cent) rank 16th in the list while women in Thailand (45 per cent) share the 15th spot with South Korea (45 per cent). Japanese women (52 per cent) rank 12th while mainland Chinese women (51 per cent) rank 13th.

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