Make trade and travel in New Zealand Efficient

The New Zealand government on Thursday announced a program by its border agencies to make trade and travel more efficient through better coordination.

Primary Industries Minister David Carter, Customs Minister Maurice Williamson and Immigration Minister Nathan Guy issued a joint statement on the “Future Directions for the Border Sector” program to look at how the three agencies — Customs, Immigration New Zealand and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, could operate together more effectively.

“A wide range of collaborative work is already underway across the three agencies. This new program will build on the progress made in improving trade and travel services, while keeping a firm focus on border security,” said Carter in the statement.

“It is about taking a fresh look at the functions of each agency and how coordination of the overall border management system can be improved,” he said.

“Protecting the integrity of New Zealand’s biosecurity system is a top priority. With 80 billion NZ dollars (66.21 billion U.S. dollars) of exports and imports and 10 million travelers across our border each year, this must not be compromised,” Carter said.

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