Loss in Stock Investment: Knowledge on Stock Market Basics

By Aurelio A. Pena

Lack of knowledge on stock market basics and how the market behaves have been blamed for losses in stock investments, according to a Davao stock market analyst.

Jamil Ahmed, a stock trader, market analyst and former equities account executive of a Makati-based brokerage firm, said the risks for losses are too big for people with money who are ignorant of the stock market.

“If you don’t know what to do, if you don’t know how the stock market behaves, you can lose a lot of money. But if you know your way around the market, you can make a lot of money in a very short time,” Ahmed said.

The Davao stock trader said he was happy that the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) has finally recognize this need to mount a nationwide education program for local investors who want to learn stock trading basics.

“It’s about time the PSE do this type of education campaign. I think they’re making the right moves at the right time when people really need this type of training in the stock market” Ahmed said.

Ahmed, who runs his own small private fund Goldelyonn and the website Pinoy Stock Trader at www.pinoy777.wordpress.com, said he also want to help people “in my own little way to understand the basic techniques in stock trading — like how to select the right stocks, how to avoid losses, when to sell, etc. so they, too, can benefit from this bull market that started late last year.”

Meanwhile, stock trading for beginners will be the topic of a seminar forum to be conducted in this city sometime next month by a freelance stock trader formerly connected with a Makati-based brokerage firm.

Ahmed said the final venue and date of this forthcoming seminar forum will be determined based on the reservations received by email at goldelyonn@yahoo.com.

Ahmed said the Philippine stock market is now at the beginning of a five-year bull run that will see stock prices in their historic highs.

Who knows and understands how this market behaves during a bull market run will benefit the most from huge profits made in stock trading,” the veteran stock trader said.

The PSE has also scheduled a series of stock trading training seminars nationwide all over the country covering the cities of Baguio, Manila, Cebu and Davao to boost more stock trading and investing in the country’s stock market.

The Davao-based equity trader stressed that his own private seminar is aimed specifically to help beginners in the stock market as well as guide who keep making mistakes and lose money in the stock market.

Who makes mistakes in the stock market — even the best professionals who manage big mutual funds and bank trust funds. They also make mistakes and lose millions. That’s why we should know why these mistakes are made and find out ways on how to avoid them,” Ahmed said.

The stock trader has already started receiving several inquiries on the stock trading seminar forum he also plans to set up in Davao sometime next month. (PNA)

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  • 2010-11-24 at 10:13 am

    The Philippine stock market sounds very interesting, my wife is Philippino and I would like to live there and set up a business one day. Currently trade and invest in the Australian stock market and currently its getting harder and harder to find good priced stocks with healthy earnings.

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