Life Without Color

By Stephanie Maureen F. Asi, Staff Writer

Can you imagine our world without color? My guess is you can’t, unless you’re in the pit of depression. The world is filled with vibrant hues. Color puts emotion in life.

And it infuses the right mood in your home. What you choose to put on the walls of your sanctuary can affect the way you feel whenever you enter your door. Every designer and sensible homeowner knows that choosing color — for your walls, floors, windows, bathroom and kitchen tiles and even your furniture — is a crucial step in making your home the dream you’ve envisioned it to be.

But choosing color can be tricky. How many times have you been victimized by your adventurous designing streak (the orange and black kitchen seemed like a good idea until Halloween passed) or got stuck in a color rut (your walls have been white since you moved in 20 years ago!)? Now is the time to call on design experts and color connoisseurs. Or simply grab this handy, dandy book — Real Living’s Real Home Ideas 4: The Color Book.

Pages of inspiration

It was only three years ago when the Real Living magazine team came out with their first book called 101 Decorating Tips, and it wasn’t long until they published their second (Small Spaces) and their third (Finding Your Own Style). Now a fourth book has been published and it’s all about color.

Real Living editor-in-chief Rachelle Medina says, “Color is the easiest way and also the most affordable to revamp your home. Based on the letters we get, the number one question (of our readers), aside from how to win a makeover, is what color should their room or home be. This book addresses that.”

It took about eight months for the Real Living team to put together this amazing read with the staff choosing the best homes they’ve featured in the last six years. Medina says some new images were shot, but for the most part, the images were culled from previous issues.

The ideas are explained in a simple yet dynamic manner. They are accompanied with lots of photos so that visualizing the colors is easier. It begins with color basics to help readers familiarize themselves with the world of color. Then it delves right into the palettes where color schemes are explained. It also devotes a few pages on the application of the different hues dealing with how-tos and some pieces of advice if you’re going to do the work yourself. A plus to this book is the section on paint swatches, which you’ll find after each color palette is explained. Medina says you can take these swatches or the entire book to your mixing center or show it to your painter so that you can get all the colors right. This prevents the dreaded scenario of coming up your ideal hue, asking your painter to put it on your wall and finding an entirely different color when he’s done.

Other than paint, the book also inspires color-happy people to bring in the vibrancy of these hues not just through paint, but also with available accessories, accent pieces and furniture that may already be in present in your home. You’ll find that décor is a brilliant way to get the pop of color you need.

Set the mood with color

Medina relates that color has an important role in creating your sanctuary. “Color (sets) the mood of the place. It can calm, excite or make you more productive. For me, that’s the most important aspect of it.”

You may not notice this, but it’s true. Try to be keen about your feelings when you enter say, a beach house that’s in all white — white sheets, fluffy, white pillows, “washed” and distressed furniture. Almost instantly, you’ll feel relaxed because the room seems airy. That’s what color does. It sets the mood of the place that, in turn, affects how you feel. The Color Book gives you practical advice on how to channel those feelings by making single dominant colors, multicolor combinations, neutrals and trendy color schemes work for you.

Seeing that more people are particular about choosing colors for their home now and are also more adventurous in doing so, the book also features some “unusual” color combinations and shows how these can work in your very own home. You can try metallics, technique nature (inspired by eco-friendly materials), classic couture, new rituals and new if you’re feeling more adventurous. The Color Book will show you how.

The book and the Real Living staff espouse this one simple rule when it comes to choosing color: “It’s more like a personal choice. There are still rules in color. But basically, whatever works for you is okay,” Medina concludes.

Real Home Ideas 4: The Color Book is available in newsstands and bookstores for P195 per copy.

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