Law on Children Discipline

A Tarlac lawmaker is pushing for the immediate passage of a bill prohibiting corporal punishment to protect children from unwarranted harm in the name of discipline.

Tarlac Second District Rep. Susan, who is the principal author of the proposed Anti-Corporal Punishment Bill, said the measure aims to protect children from physical and psychological abuses, which have “grave effect to their behavior and may affect their development as adults.”

“Positive and non violent means should be used to discipline kids,” Yap said, adding that abuses do not only happen in homes but also in schools.

She also said spanking and verbal abuse among children in the country is one of the highest in the world and having a law that would penalize child abusers would be an effective way of curbing this kind of treatment of children.

A data of the Save the Children in the Philippines shows that 82 percent of Filipino children are hit in various parts of their body.

“My bill, and that of Rep. Bernadette Herrera-Dy’s bill seeks to promote sound parenting and the purpose is not to criminalize parents but to make [them] aware that there are other forms of disciplines because discipline [to children] is not synonymous to physical punishment, which is not right,” the lady solon said.

Spanking and verbal abuse has “practically been a norm to abuse or render physical punishment as a form of discipline to kids,” she said.

According to Yap, what prompted her to file the bill was when she learned about the beating of a five-year-old girl by her two elder brothers for refusing to follow their orders which resulted to the near death of the girl.

“Sometime in August, two brothers beat-up their five-year-old sister for refusing to follow their errands and when their mother came home, the she found her five-year-old daughter fighting for her life already. This prompted me to push for this bill,” she lamented.

She explained that there is a provision in the bill that seeks for assessment and intervention that gives a chance for the parents, children and other institutions to work together and make it an avenue to promote sound parenting via anger management seminars and trainings.

“Reports will be done via the barangay, the front liners here, the Department of Social Welfare Development, the Department of Education and the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA),” she said.

Yap, a neophyte politician, pointed-out that her colleagues in Congress have a positive response on her proposed measure.

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