Latest Philippine Bar Exam Result 2012

The 2012 Philippine Bar Exam result is released today. See if one of your friends have passed the 2011 Philippine Bar Examination given in Nov 2011 in UST Manila. The names below are some of the students who took the bar exam conducted by the Supreme Court. To get the latest result of the bar exam 2012 and congratulate those who pass the bar exam, please click the Like button of Facebook.

3558. MACATBAR-GALO, Norlibeth D.
3559. MACAWILE, Anita D.
3560. MACEDA, Ronaldo M.
3561. MACEREN, Jegar Jose J.
3562. MACLANG, Jose Antonio P.
3563. MACOCO, Lemar P.
3564. MACOROL, Raymond R.
3565. MACOROL, Ronald R.
3566. MACUHA, Edwin S.
3567. MACUTAY, Cherryl Arni F.
3568. MACUTO, Bernard L.
3569. MACWES, Meshack C.
3570. MADAMBA, Linus V.
3571. MADANGENG, Rizzabel A.
3572. MADANLO, Abigail T.
3573. MADARANG, Jessie Jim B.
3574. MADARCOS, Mario M.
3575. MADAYAG, Delia J.
3576. MADDARA, Robert R.
3577. MADDELA, Voltaire Dominic P.
3578. MADELO, Joseph Franco C.
3579. MADERA, Marcel Christoffer N.
3580. MADERAL, Tiffany Grace P.
3581. MADERAZO, Genevieve A.
3582. MADIO, Joel L.
3583. MADIO, Precious B.
3584. MADREDIÑOS, Albert T.
3585. MADRIAGA, Louise B.
3586. MADRIAGA, Romeo L.
3587. MADRID, Joyce Anne O.
3588. MADRID, Michael B.
3589. MADRIO, Elman R.
3590. MADRONA, Sofronio T.
3591. MADUM, Raihana M.
3592. MAGADIA, Ma. Angelica A.
3593. MAGALE, Jesus Ariel A.
3594. MAGALLANES, Jeziel L.
3595. MAGALLANES, Meibell D.
3596. MAGALLANES, Wilberth G.
3597. MAGANNON, Carmelle F.
3598. MAGARRO, Robert M.
3599. MAGBIRO, Jancel R.
3600. MAGDADARO, Rolito T.
3601. MAGDALI, Camarodin P.
3602. MAGDAMIT-PAEL, Magda A.
3603. MAGDARAOG, Arceo O.
3604. MAGDARAOG, Genovevo T.
3605. MAGHINAY, Filma T.
3606. MAGHIRANG, Ernan R.
3607. MAGISTRADO, Francis P.
3608. MAGISTRADO, JR., Mauro C.
3609. MAGKASI, Hanna Kathrina B.
3610. MAGLIA, Vergel G.
3611. MAGLINTE, Becher P.
3612. MAGNAYE, Carmina O.
3613. MAGNAYE, Glenda A.
3614. MAGNO, Agnes Chona L.
3615. MAGNO, Karlo Gino B.
3616. MAGNO, Noel M.
3617. MAGNO, Omar Paolo R.
3618. MAGNO, JR., Rosendo C.

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