La Carlota Negros Occidental Mayor Facing Contempt

For failing to implement a directive reinstating a sangguniang panlungsod secretary, the mayor and vice-mayor of La Carlota City in Negros Occidental are now facing charges of indirect contempt before the Civil Service Commission (CSC).

CSC charged with indirect contempt Mayor Demie John C. Honrado and Vice Mayor David T. Baga, Jr. for their failure and refusal to implement a series of CSC resolutions directing the reinstatement of Rex G. Rojo with payment of back salaries. The Commission’s decision is contained in its Resolution No. 09-1647 dated December 3, 2009.

Under the Revised Rules on Contempt issued by CSC in 2007, disobedience or refusal to implement CSC resolutions is a ground for citing officials or employees with indirect contempt of the Commission punishable by a fine of P1,000 for every day of defiance. “Each day of defiance of, or disobedience to, or non-enforcement of a final order, resolution, decision, ruling, injunction or processes, shall constitute indirect contempt of the Commission,” the CSC said.

In May 2005, the Commission issued a resolution affirming the action of its regional office in approving the appointment of Rojo as Sangguniang Panlungsod Secretary who was appointed to the said post in March 2004. Thereafter, CSC issued a series of resolutions directing the City of La Carlota to pay the backwages to Rojo and other benefits from the time he was separated from the service in 2004 until his actual reinstatement. Despite the orders of execution, Mayor Honrado and Vice Mayor Baga refused and still failed to implement Resolution Nos. 05-0654 dated May 17, 2005; 05-1646 dated November 8, 2005; 06-1088 dated June 21, 2006; 06-1769 dated October 2, 2006; 07-2035 dated November 5, 2007 and 08-2039 dated November 4, 2008.

Mayor Honrado and Vice Mayor Baga argued that they were not the appointing authorities of Rojo way back in 2004, thus, they are not in the position to order his reinstatement.

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