Katsidis Lost to Marquez via TKO

Katsidis dream to fight Manny Pacquiao will never come true now that he lost to Juan Manuel Marquez via TKO on their Nov. 27 fight at the MGM Grand, in Las Vegas Nevada. The Katsidis vs Marquez was followed by the world simply by the fact that Marquez was once an opponent of Manny Pacquiao and the world wants to know whether Marquez still has power to fight Pacquiao. If Marquez wasn’t a Pacquiao foe, not many would be waiting for the fight night.

Katsidis knocked out Marquez in the early round but Marquez was able to recover and dominated the entire round until the referee stopped the fight when Katsidis was no longer boxing late in the rounds. Now, the world wants to see a Marquez vs Pacquiao 3 Trilogy. Maybe next year.

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