Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg Quits Over Thesis Scandal

Note: It’s a big shame that a high-ranking official in Germany is guilty of blatant plagiarism by copying half of his thesis from other sources which he took as his own. Was he pressed of time? Guttenberg could have delayed his graduation of PhD and wrote his thesis by himself rather than copied someone’s else work. Here’s the news from BBC: Karl-

Theodor zu Guttenberg Quits Over Thesis Scandal

German Defence Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg has stepped down after he was found to have copied large parts of his 2006 university doctorate thesis.

Mr Guttenberg, considered until recently a possible candidate for chancellor, has already been stripped of his PhD.

He told a news conference that it was “the most painful step of my life”.
Tens of thousands of German academics have written to Chancellor Angela Merkel complaining about his conduct.

The plagiarism scandal led to him being nicknamed Baron Cut-and-Paste, Zu Copyberg and Zu Googleberg by the German media.

But Ms Merkel had continued to stand by him, with her party facing three state elections later this month.

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