Japanese Tsunami Helps End Killing Whales?

Japan has protested to The New York Times over an article about the damage to the whaling industry in a Japanese community from the March 11 earthquake and tsunami.

The U.S. paper said in its Friday edition that the tsunami “seems to have succeeded–where years of boycotts, protests and high-seas chases by Western environmentalists had failed–in knocking out a pillar of the nation’s whaling industry.”

In its protest made to the paper Friday, the Japanese consulate-general in New York said reporting that the tsunami succeeded in ending the whaling industry is very ruthless.   This is an inappropriate report that is insensitive to the feelings of survivors of the disaster, the consulate-general said.   The article, titled “Japanese Town Mulls Future Without Whaling Industry” and written by a correspondent in Tokyo, illustrated how heavily the whaling industry in Ayukawahama, Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture, northeastern Japan, was damaged by the tsunami.

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