Japanese Farmers Affected by Nuclear Radiation Get Support

Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan said Friday the government will take all possible measures to provide compensation and support for farmers affected by accidents at Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s <9501> earthquake-damaged nuclear power plant.

“The government is sincerely sorry for the huge damage to farmers and cattle farmers,” Kan said at a press conference held two weeks after the devastating earthquake and tsunami of March 11.   He said that conditions at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant remain unpredictable and the situation requires a sense of crisis.   Kan said the government will respect decisions by experts from the country’s Nuclear Safety Commission on evacuation policy for residents living around the nuclear plant in the northern Japan prefecture of Fukushima.

Earlier in the day, the government asked residents living in areas between 20 to 30 kilometers of the plant to leave their homes voluntarily. The government had set the evacuation zone as the area within a radius of 20 kilometers from the plant.

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