Japan Nuclear Radiation May Reach Hawaii, Guam, in the USA

Hawaii and Guam in the United States (USA) may be hit by nuclear radiation contamination coming from Japan as the world’s worst nuclear radiation crisis in Japan remains in a very serious situation.

Nuclear radioactive materials have polluted Japanese waters. Since nuclear radiation substances would travel by air or by water, the crisis in Japan puts Hawaii and Guam, USA in a very volatile and dangerous situation.

Here’s the latest news on the radiation leak problem in Japan.

Tokyo Electric Power Co. <9501> on Wednesday continued efforts to remove contaminated water from facilities close to heavily damaged nuclear reactors where restoration work has been stopped.

Some 300 plant workers are engaged mainly in preparations to pump water containing radioactive materials out of the turbine buildings of the No. 1 to No. 3 reactors and underground tunnels that stretch toward the sea from the three turbine buildings.

But little progress has been made because the pumping operations require a lot of preparations, officials said, reporting the latest developments at the firm’s stricken Fukushima No. 1 plant.

Work to restore reactor cooling systems has been halted since three workers were exposed to high levels of radiation on Thursday in the basement of the turbine building of the No. 3 reactors.

Switchboards, power cables and other important equipment for cooling systems are in the basements of turbine buildings next to reactor buildings. Operations there are crucial to restore the cooling systems.

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