Japan Nuclear Radiation May Reach and Hit Germany

The nuclear crisis in Japan is getting more serious as fire broke out in a nuclear power plant reactor in Fukushima. Six nuclear reactors in Japan are in serious trouble. Authorities cannot control the meltdown. One nuclear reactor in Fukushima has meltdown.

In Tokyo, nuclear radiation is already detected in air. In Korean borders, radioactive materials are also found in the air. Some believe the nuclear radiation can reach and hit United States of America (USA) as radioactive materials can travel through clouds, which raised the possibility that Japan’s nuclear radiation may also reach and hit Germany.

Let’s hope German scientists and Germany’s Air Force will use all their resources to monitor the level of radioactive materials found in Germany or elsewhere in Europe.

More news on Japan’s nuclear radiation hitting Germany will be posted later. In the meantime, here’s the latest development of the nuclear reactor in Japan which just caught fire.

Jiji Press – A fire has broken out again at a quake-damaged Tokyo Electric Power Co. <9501> reactor building in Fukushima Prefecture, northern Japan, that is suffering trouble in its spent nuclear fuel rod pool.

The fire was found Wednesday morning on the building’s fourth floor, where a fire erupted Tuesday morning after an explosion was heard. The water temperature has risen in the spent fuel rod pool in the building that houses the No. 4 reactor at the company’s Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant.

Although firefighters headed for the fire site, they are unable to get close to the building because of high radiation levels.

According to a report from a Tokyo Electric Power employee on a hill near the plant, however, he cannot not see flames now, which were coming out from holes created on the building wall by Tuesday’s fire.

With water likely evaporating in the pool, concerns are growing that the spent fuel rods will be exposed and damaged. The company thus plans to pour water into the pool, possibly requesting cooperation of the Self-Defense Forces or the U.S. forces so that it can use helicopters for the work.

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