Japan Nuclear Radiation May Hit U.S. of America?

The latest report from Japan is that a hydrogen explosion at one of Japan’s Nuclear Power Plant has leaked nuclear radiation. There have been fears whether the nuclear radiation from Japan can reach America.

But the possibility is not yet established, although countries like the Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, and Russia may be hit by nuclear radiation from Japan through air. Nuclear radiation can travel in clouds and can reach thousands of miles from its origin, which raises the possibility that the U.S. of America might be hit by nuclear radiation leaked from Japan.

More from Kyodo Japan News Agency today – A hydrogen explosion occurred Monday morning at the quake-hit Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant’s troubled No. 3 reactor, injuring three workers, but the reactor’s container was not damaged, the government’s nuclear safety agency and the plant’s operator said.

The 11:01 a.m. incident came after a hydrogen explosion hit the No. 1 reactor at the same plant Saturday, and prompted the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency to urge residents within a 20-kilometer radius to take shelter inside buildings.

”We judge that the possibility of a large amount of radioactive materials flying off from there is low,” Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano told a news conference, adding that the injection of seawater to cool down the No. 3 reactor is continuing.

Tokyo Electric Power Co., the plant’s operator, separately said three workers at the plant sustained bruises and that it had called an ambulance. It said it had all its workers go inside buildings but that the radiation level was as low as 20 micro sievert per hour at 11:44 a.m.

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