Japan Earthquake – Total Dead Count is 12,000 People

The massive 9.0-magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunamis that hit northern and eastern Japan on Friday has left more than 12,000 people dead or missing, the National Police Agency said Wednesday.

As of 10 p.m. (1 p.m. GMT), the death toll from the disaster stood at 4,277.
The number of deaths stood at 2,207 in Miyagi Prefecture, the highest figure among the 12 prefectures where deaths have been reported. In Iwate Prefecture, 1,482 were killed. In Fukushima Prefecture, the death toll reached 533.

Only 40 pct of the victims have been identified as of Wednesday morning, according to the NPA.

At least 8,194 people are missing in six prefectures. The number stood at 3,318 in Iwate, 2,507 in Fukushima and 2,362 in Miyagi.

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