Italy Can Be Hit by Nuclear Radiation Cloud

Japan’s nuclear radiation crisis is still a big problem which has a potential to hit Italy in Europe. Nuclear radioactive clouds can travel and reach Italy, the city of Rome, and even Vatican City. The Italian government must monitor Italy’s nuclear radiation presence before it is too late. Here’s the latest news on the nuclear radiation cloud leak from Japan.

Safety measures were not enough to protect the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant in northeastern Japan, an official at the plant’s operator said Tuesday.    “The tsunami was unusual, but we should have assumed even that level,” Norio Tsuzumi, vice president of Tokyo Electric Power Co. <9501>, said at a news conference here, referring to the March 11 disaster that hit the plant.   “In the end, we were too optimistic,” Tsuzumi said.

Earlier on the day, he visited an evacuation center in another Fukushima city of Tamura and apologized to evacuees from Okuma, where the nuclear plant is located.   It was the first face-to-face apology offered by a senior Tokyo Electric Power official since the nuclear crisis was touched off by the 9.0-magnitude earthquake and tsunami.

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