Israel Helps Colombia

The Israeli government has sent 50 tons of humanitarian aid to Colombia which was hit by heavy rains, according to an official statement here on Monday.
The aid, including “100 large tents, 1,000 mattresses, 2,000 blankets, 1,000 raincoats, 5,000 medical kits and 20 tons of food,” arrived in Colombia on Sunday.
“Israel is not only giving material help, but also reminds us that we are not alone as the Israeli people and the Israeli government are with us,” said Colombian Defense Minister Rodrigo Rivera.
Rivera, representative of the Colombian government, and Israeli ambassador Rafael Eldad, welcomed the arrival of the aid.
Other governments from the region also sent aid to Colombia.
Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos on Sunday said that the situation “has surpassed the state’s capacity as Colombia needed 5.2 billion U.S. dollars to recover from the effects of the rains.”
The heaviest rainfall in more than 40 years in Colombia has killed 246 people and left 1.9 million people homeless.

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