Israel Fighter Jets Retaliate in Gaza Strip

The Israeli army said Thursday morning that its jets struck four militant targets in the Gaza Strip overnight, in response to a volley of Grad rockets fired at cities near central Israel earlier Wednesday.

There were no reports of Palestinian injuries in the airstrikes. Israeli medics said several people suffered shock from the rocket fire, one of which slammed down near Ashdod and another close to a small village nearby. Reports differ on whether two or three rockets were launched or detected.

Rocket warning sirens were sounded in several Israeli cities southeast of Tel Aviv, including Rehovot, Nes Tziona, and Rishon Letzion, that all lie within the rocket’s radius, which extends some 40 kilometers from the coastal enclave.

This is the first time sirens sounded in Rehovot, home to more than 112,700 residents and the Weizmann Institute of Science research college.

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