IPTV Set Top Box Running Google’s Android 2.2

IN Media Corp. (IMDC.PK) today announced the latest release of its IPTV Set Top Box running Google’s Android platform version 2.2.

IN Media’s IP Set Top Box is now integrated with Google’s Android 2.2 operating system providing consumers the ability to download the latest and most advanced games, on demand content, creating widgets, and applications from the web. Customers will experience seamless integration with their Android based mobile phones, Tablet PC’s running Android and all Android enabled devices within IN Media’s Set top Box.

“This truly is a complete browser based system, not just a simple interface layered over a traditional broadcast television based menu,” stated Dr. Nick Karnik, C.E.O. of IN Media Corp. “Now the access to content is limitless, seamless, comfortable and familiar. This transitions the Set Top Box into a smart computing device performing multiple tasks such as communication, content display, interactive games and business applications including emails, documents and spreadsheets,” added Dr. Karnik (prweb.com)

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