Instructional Videos on You Tube

KENT Systems is an innovative alternative in the quick coupling industry and along with their innovative products they offer a complete line of instructional videos on You Tube. The instructional videos range from basic assembly to more intricate configurations to applications and even various abuse tolerance demonstrations.

Quick couplings are not used within the comfort of a cubical, but far too often they are purchased that way. The You Tube videos allow Kent Systems to demonstrate how the products work in the real world.

“We like to compare our products with our competition whenever possible and most of our videos document the first time we ever try a test. We are impressed over and over again how our products can take abuse and continue to perform,” Lyle Sampson, Marketing Manager.

The You Tube videos are created based on customer needs and concerns. The content is driven by what the customers want to see in action, whether it is towing a car or a destruction test or a how to connect video.

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