Indonesia`s image as an investment destination

A business leader expressed concern here on Tuesday over demonstrations against investment, saying that unless they were stopped they could erode the country`s image as an attractive and secure foreign investment destination.

Sofyan Wanandi, the chief of the Association of Indonesian Employers (Apindo), said Indonesia`s image as an investment destination would be eroded and damaged if demonstrations against private investment by some groups were allowed to continue.

Therefore, he called on the police and other agencies concerned to take the necessary measures to curb the anti-investment activism.

He said too many demonstrations had happened that created the impression as if the people were being oppressed while in reality the rallies were just expressions of anarchism.

“They want to present themselves as heroic fighters for humanitarian causes while in fact they are mere anarchists,” he said.

A group of people from the Communication Forum of Pulau Padang Community (FKMP3) have in the past few days demonstrated at the parliament building to protest against the foreign minister`s decision on industrial forest development in Pulau Padang, Riau. Some of the demonstrators had sewn their mouths to dramatize their protest.

Sofyan said actually the public was not impressed by such actions because it was understood that the demonstrators were paid by certain quarters.

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