Impose Tax Fee for Dogs in Pasay City

The city governments of Pasay is seeking a repeal on the implementation of controversial city ordinance passed in 1999 that imposes a license fee on dogs and bicycles in Pasay City.

In a letter to the Sangguniang Panglunsod, Mayor Antonino Calixto requested the city council to repeal section 82 (Dog License Fee) and Section 83 (Bicycle License Fee) of the Pasay City Revenue Code (Ordinance No. 1614, s. 1999, as amended) that was approved during the term of Mayor Jovito Claudio.

The chief executive earlier suspended the implementation by the City Treasurer’s Office of the fees pending a review on the matter. Due to the mayor’s intervention, no amount has been collected from Pasay City residents.

“I have issued instructions deferring the implementation of the Bicycle License Fee and the Dog License Fee subject to a review and an depth study to be conducted by a special review panel convened by the Office of the Mayor,” Calixto said.

“I wish to emphasize that these fees were not passed during my tenure as City Mayor of Pasay. They are, in fact, provisions of an old ordinance, City Ordinance No. 1614, S. 1999 (An Ordinance Amending the 1993 Pasay Revenue Code) enacted on December 1, 1999 and approved by former Mayor Jovito O. Claudio,” he added.

Based on the said ordinance, the P30 bicycle fee to be collected is for the purpose of defraying the cost of the bicycle plate number to be issued to the owner. The P20 dog license fee, on the other hand, is to be used to cover the cost of maintaining a city registry of licensed dogs, their descriptions, and registered owners, as well to cover the cost of anti-rabies campaigns and other programs for the benefit of the public.

Calixto also said that considering the comments received by his office and public’s negative reaction on the implementation of the ordinance, it has been deferred while some concerned citizens took to the social networking site Facebook to express their displeasure.

“I have found it prudent to defer its implementation in order to give his office enough time to study its implications. Considering that it was passed some 13 years ago, there is a need to determine if it is still necessary under present circumstances.I will be also consulting with the City Council if there is a need to introduce amendments to the said ordinance,” the mayor said.

Meanwhile, Calixxto explained that the registration of dogs can be made without collecting fees from dog owners in the city.

“The City Veterinary Office is already conducting the registration and free vaccination of all dogs in our city and the corresponding expense is already covered by the annual budget of the said office,” he said.

Calixto likewise stated that the registration and the issuance of license plates for bicycles in the city can be done without imposing fees from bicycle owners.

“These provisions in our revenue code are outdated and are no longer needed. In fact, my administration is encouraging the use of bicycles as part of our campaign against pollution and to promote healthy living,” he said.

“We are actually studying the designation of bicycle lanes in some parts of the city to encourage more people to use bicycles for good health and to fight global warming,” he added.

Calixto expressed hope that the City Council will immediately cause the repeal of outdated provisions of the Revenue Code.

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