Imports are the major driver of trans-Pacific trade

Ocean carrier visions of multiple peak-season surcharges in the eastbound Pacific are vanishing as imports from Asia level off and the market returns to reality. Supply-demand economics in the Asia-to-U.S. trade in early summer couldn’t have been more favorable for ocean carriers. Importers shipped early to avoid capacity shortages, effectively creating a false peak season in late spring and early summer.

According to [Dave Akers], most, but not all carriers, have rolled back or eliminated the second peak-season surcharge posted in August. “A few carriers still haven’t seen the light,” he said.

Imports are the major driver of trans-Pacific trade, and if imports slow considerably in November and December, carriers likely will start removing capacity, Akers said. “They won’t let happen what used to happen,” he said. “They have to make money.”

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