Iloilo News – Internet Cafes to be Regulated

The City Government of Iloilo has intensified its anti-pornography drive with the passage of an ordinance requiring all commercial establishments offering internet services to provide programs, gadgets or filters that would prevent customers from accessing pornographic sites.

Councilor Nielex Tupas chairman of the Committee on Information, Technology and Computerization cited that the “mushrooming of public internet stations in the city enables public availability to internet pornography such that one could download explicit pictures, or explicit stories, or exchange sexually suggestive E-mails, view sexually arousing videos/pictures that opens up and play on ones computer screen, which may either be pre-recorded or live.”

Further, “web cams and cameras interfaced with a computer enables one to broadcast live streaming images of oneself, which has been increasingly used to perpetrate cyber sexual activity.”

Tupas said that himself a father he would like to see children taking advantage of the power of the internet as a means for communication and research and not as vehicle to corrupt their minds.

The Anti-Pornographic Ordinance was unanimously approved by the Sangguniang Panlungsod here Tuesday.

Tupas said that the prohibition covers all public places to include hotels and restaurants and is not limited to their staff or personnel but even their clients.

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