Iloilo News – Ancient Church Bell Taken Away by Burglars

A century-old bell, measuring about 16 inches in diameter and two feet in height, was stolen by unidentified robbers Saturday evening from a local church in Ajuy, iloilo, a rustic town lying approximately 80 kilometers northwest of Iloilo City.

Parish priest Fr. Clasico Nufable said he was holding the customary morning mass on Sunday when he sensed that something was wrong in the tolling of the bells.

Immediately after the mass, Nufable ordered an inspection of the belfry and his suspicion was confirmed when the altar boys reported to him that the smaller bell was missing. The priest said their two bells date back to the Spanish period.

The grief-stricken priest has appealed to the burglars to return the bell which are highly-valued by parishioners.

Police said they have been checking on the probable whereabouts of the missing bell, particularly in places where scrap iron is sold. (PNA)

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