How To Win 655 Philippine Lotto Sweepstakes

So you want to win the 655 Philippine Lotto Sweepstakes? Here are my top 3 advices if you want to guess the right number combination in the 6/55 PCSO lotto in the Philippines.

How To Win 655 Philippine Lotto Sweepstakes

1. If you place a bet at 20 pesos or 20 million pesos for one draw, it won’t matter a lot. Your chance of winning 655 Philippine Lotto Draw is 1 in 29 million. You need to spend 580 million pesos to bet on all number combination. So even if you bet 20 million pesos, there is no guarantee that you’d win but your chances of winning are higher than those who spend 1 million pesos. If you have 580 million pesos and you spend it all on November 28, 2010 Philippines Lotto Draw, you can still lose a lot of money because if 2 or 3 people will have the same winning number combination, the three of you will divide the jackpot price. One is spending 20 pesos to win the P730 million 655 lotto and you spend 580 million pesos to win P730 million. Guess who’s the ultimate loser?

2. Don’t maintain a number combination. What if your favorite numbers will never come out in 20 years, how much will you be spending during those 20 years of betting on Philippine Lotto? All numbers have equal chances of being drawn. There is no such thing as a favorite number. So, just pick any number, and don’t lose your ticket stub.

3. Test your heart if you are greedy and selfish and self-destructive. If you have any of these characters, blessings will not come to you. Use money to glorify God and use it to help the poor. If you use it to satisfy yourself, you will never win the 6/55 Philippine Lotto Draw. If you believe that you love money more than you love God, think twice before you bet on lotto. Or money will destroy you and your family.

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