How To Watch Whales in Hawaii

Watching for Whales: If you happen to be in Hawaii during humpback-whale season (roughly Dec–Apr),
don’t miss the opportunity to see these gentle giants. A host of boats — from small inflatables to high-tech, high-speed sailing catamarans—offer
a range of whale-watching cruises on every island. One of my favorites is along the Big Island’s Kona Coast, where Captain Dan McSweeney’s
Year-Round Whale-Watching Ad-ventures (& 808/322-0028; takes you right to the whales year-round (pilot, sperm, false killer, melon-headed, pygmy killer, and beaked whales call Hawaii home even when humpbacks aren’t in residence). A whale researcher for
more than 25 years, Captain Dan fre-quently drops an underwater micro-phone or video camera into the
depths so you can listen to whale songs and maybe even see what’s going on.

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