How To Know You Have Cancer Using Technology

By Catherine J. Teves

MANILA – A breakthrough technology from Canada is opening up the opportunity for more people to avail themselves of early cancer detection so appropriate medical interventions can be carried out when needed to save them.

Filipino pathologist Dr. Rolan de la Rosa said ClearCyte quantitative technology is non-invasive, fast, painless and less expensive compared to its existing invasive counterpart, making it an attractive choice for people.

“A patient needs to pay only about P3,850 for the service,” he said during Saturday Forum @ Annabel’s in Quezon City.

He is promoting early screening, warning that cancer is among the leading causes of mortality.

“One way to combat cancer is to get it at its earliest stage,” he stressed.

ClearCyte quantitative technology makes possible highly accurate quantitative cytological analysis of abnormal DNA in cancer and potentially cancerous cells of patients, noted Dr. Harpreet Rai, vice president of Operations and Research Development at Canadian Pacific Global Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Changes in DNA can be detected using the technology,” she said on the forum’s side.

Canadian Pacific’s Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer Bob Rai said the company’s subsidiary Pharma Canada Inc. brought ClearCyte quantitative technology to the Philippines.

“The technology is semi-automatic,” he said.

St. Dominic’s Medical Center in Bacoor, Cavite province is the first facility in the Philippines and Asia to have such a technology.

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