How to Grow Rubber Tree

At least 25 rubber technicians from the Municipal Agriculture Office in Makilala town in North Cotabato will undergo training on rubber production for 322 hours at the newly-established Vocational and Technical Skills Training Center located beside the municipal gym at the Poblacion.

The training center on rubber production, considered the country’s first, could accommodate at least 50 students, according to Makilala Mayor Rudy Caoagdan.

It was inaugurated on June 20 and the training starts on June 25, Caoagdan said.

Courses at the training center are focused on rubber production and are accredited under National Competency Second Level by the Technical Education Skills Development Authority (TESDA) in Region 12, the mayor said.

TESDA-12 regional director Zios Ampoas said the center would provide appropriate skills and technology to rubber growers and workers to make the industry, being one of Cotabato’s economic generators, “alive and kicking.”

He said the plan to put up the center was the idea of the Makilala LGU.

The project study started in late 2010 and underwent a series of consultations with various sectors.

During the study, he said, the agency created training regulations for competencies that must be acquired by a rubber tapper.

At the training center, the agency employs experts from the Department of Agriculture (DA) and other institutions to teach the needed skills.

Ampoas is hopeful the facility would produce skilled workers the industry needs to keep it going.

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