How to Deal with Summer Heat in the Philippines

Central Visayas health officials have advised the public to avoid sun exposure between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., as these hours tend to have the highest temperature within the day.

Department of Health (DOH) 7 Assistant Director Lakshmi Legaspi said looking directly at the sun can also cause dehydration in the cornea, which leads to cataract.

He advised the public to wear sunglasses to protect the eyes from diseases like conjunctivitis, more popularly known as sore eyes.

Although sun blocks and lip balms are not really deterrents to summer diseases, these may lessen discomfort by preventing sunburn and cracked lips, she said.

Dr. Expedito Medalla of DOH 7 said the most important thing one must have during the summer is water.

He said water should be carried at all times to prevent dehydration, which leads to heat stroke.

Because of the incessant heat, body fluids tend to evaporate through the skin’s pores and cause dehydration.

Medalla also advised the public to take vitamin C, an anti-oxidant that sustains resistance to infections and prevent flu.

With this summer noticeably hotter than in previous years, Medalla advised the public to wear a hat or use an umbrella.

Other things to watch out for are food-and water-borne diseases.

DOH said there are more files during the summer, which is why people should be more careful in preparing and storing food.

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