How India Fights Polio Virus Affecting Children

After its removal from the list of polio-endemic nations, India has been told to concentrate on its migrant population to ensure no further case of polio virus.

Sharing its information on migrant settlements vulnerable to polio spread, the World Health Organization has asked the Union Health Ministry to concentrate on such areas to heighten its surveillance on migrant population, Press Trust of India reported.

India will lose its tag of a polio-free nation once a new case is reported until Jan 2014. The last case of polio was detected on Jan 13 in West Bengal last year.

Sources said a large number of such settlements at high risk of wild polio virus transmission have been identified, which include construction sites and nomad areas.

“Migrant population is at high risk for spread of polio virus. They present a big challenge and we are now concentrating on their settlements,” said a Health Ministry official.

Health Ministry officials say polio vaccination will focus on migrant settlement areas to build immunity of children.

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