Hospitals in Mindanao, Philippines

The Department of Health (DOH) is strengthening the manpower resources of government hospitals to decongest those in the city like the Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC) based here which caters to patients around Mindanao.

DOH Assistant Secretary Dr. Romulo Busuego said they are just waiting for the approval of the P2.9-billion budget for the personal services of these medical workers.

He said this will be about 7,100 positions and priority is earmarked to Mindanao hospitals.

For the SPMC alone, he said there will be about 55 doctors to complement the existing resident physicians or an additional of 360 more medical workers to also include nurses and medical technologists.

Busuego said there are about 16 retained hospitals with the DOH and we want to improve on these facilities to really respond to the needs of our patients.

“We prioritize our support to hospitals in the periphery so that patients nearby would have easy access,” he said.

The SPMC is a 1,200 bed capacity while other hospitals like the Davao Regional Hospital (DRH) in Tagum City need to be expanded to accommodate more patients.

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