Homeless in China

As the cold sets in with the arrival of winter, local civil affairs authorities in Shanghai and the southern city of Guangzhou are reaching out to the city’s homeless population.
The Shanghai civil affairs bureau has announced that temporary shelters will be provided for the city’s homeless until the spring.
Hot food, bathing facilities and other services will be available at the shelters 24 hours a day. Each of them is also equipped with 40 to 50 beds.
“As the temperature continues to drop over coming days, more resources and materials will be provided to those left homeless over the winter,” Ren Zhiyue, an official of the bureau’s social welfare division, was quoted as saying by Wednesday’s China Daily.
The shelters, which are located at the city’s 21 social assistance centers for the homeless, assist 30,000 people each year, according to the bureau.
Their services vary, depending upon people’s needs, Ren said. A special education and protection center will be available for the young, while the elderly and disabled can receive care assistance.

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