HNU Center for Research and Local Governance

Knowledge is power and the HNU academe takes pride in seeking out new knowledge that is not only for knowledge’s sake but also for the improvement of the community it serves.

The HNU Center for Research and Local Governance will conduct a Research Colloquium on July 7 at the HNU Multimedia Center in Janssen Heights, Dampas Campus. The theme is “Discovering New Knowledge.”

The activity aims to inspire other faculty members to do research for their own professional growth.

In this occasion, there will be three completed research outputs that will be shared during the half-day affair which starts at 8:30 AM.

Mr. Joepette Hermosilla and Mrs. Charina Narido will present their research on: “Population Assessment of Commercial Gastropods and the Nature of Gastropod Fishery in Panglao Bay, Bohol.” This will be followed by Mrs. Josephine T. Cemine’s “Poverty Reduction Activities of Local Government Units and NGOs.”

After a short break, Mr. Ernesto Golosino will present “Bohol Poll 2007.” The presentations will be followed by an open forum.

Mrs. Maria Paz J. Espiritu will give the statement of purpose, while Mrs. Josephine T. Cemine will provide the closing remarks.

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