Historic Battles of America

When British Prime Minister Lord North heard the news, he gasped, “Oh God, it is all over!” In Paris the French abandoned plans to negotiate a compromise peace that would have left the British in possession of Georgia, the Carolinas, New York City, Long Island and the northern half of Massachusetts (now the state of Maine). On June 27, following a United Nations resolution authorizing collective military action to defend South Korea, President Harry S. Truman tapped General Douglas MacArthur – then supreme commander of the Allied powers in Japan – to lead the U.N. Command and its response to the invasion. Though it was essentially destroyed in the process, the 24th ID’s delaying actions allowed Eighth U.S. Army commander Lt. Gen. Walton Walker to move additional forces into South Korea, enabling him to create a defensive perimeter around Pusan, telling his forces: We are fighting a battle against time.

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